Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Weekly Checklist: New Comics and More for January 30, 2013

Ahoy! Here are the NEW comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City Wednesday, January 30, 2013.

JHU Members can get exclusive discounts on the following new books through Tuesday, February 5:
Aquaman 16 SRP: $2.99 JHU PRICE: $2.70
Avengers 4 SRP: $3.99 JHU PRICE: $3.60
Batman: The Dark Knight 16 SRP: $2.99 JHU PRICE: $2.70
Avenging Spider-Man 15.1 (Second Print) SRP: $2.99 JHU PRICE: $2.70
Superior Spider-Man 2 SRP: $3.99 JHU PRICE: $3.60

More Items of the Week! Here are some more cool comics we think you should get:
Activity 11
Adventure Time 12
Daybreak TPB
Global Frequency TPB
Green Lantern Corps Annual 1
Hawkeye 7
Hellboy In Hell 1 (Second Print)
Invincible 100
Justice League Volume 1: Origin TPB
Punisher: War Zone 4
Silver Surfer By Stan Lee and Moebius SC
Tales Designed to Thrizzle HC 2
Treasury Victorian Murder: Compendium HC 1
Unwritten 45

The FULL Checklist can be seen after the jump, or click "Read more..." below! Click here to see the visual checklist for January 30!

Buffy: Angel + Faith 18
Creepy:THC: Archives: 15
Criminal Macabre/30 Days of Night: Final Night 2
Dragon Age:THC: 2-Those Who Speak
Emily + the Strangers 1
Hellboy: In Hell 1.2 (Second Print)
Orchid 12
RIPD: City Of the Damned 3
Star Wars: Agent of the Empire:
Hard Targets 4
Star Wars:TPB: Omnibus Infinities

All Star Western 16
Aquaman (7) 16
Batman and Robin (2) Annual 1
Batman Beyond: Unlimited 12
Batman: Dark Knight (2) 16
Batman: Incorporated (2) 7
Batman: The Dark Knight:TPB: Golden Dawn
Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill 0
Before Watchmen: Ozymandias 5
Firestorm (4): Fury of Firestorm 16
Flash (4) 16
Global Frequency:TPB:
Green Arrow: Arrow 3
Green Lantern Corps (3) Annual 1
Hawkman (4): Savage Hawkman 16
He-Man And the Masters of the Universe 6
I Vampire 16
Injustice: Gods Among Us 1
Joe Kubert Presents 4
Justice League (5):THC: 2-The Villains Journey
Justice League (5):TPB: 1-Origin
Justice League Dark 16
Lot 13 4
Masters of the Universe: Origin of He-Man 1
Red Lanterns 16
Superman (3) 16
Superman: Family Adventures 9
Talon 4
Teen Titans (9) 16
Unwritten 45

Activity 11
Darkness (3) 110
Glory 32
Hack/Slash Ongoing 23
Happy 3.2 (Second Print)
Invincible 100
Macgyver: Fugitive Gauntlet 4
Mara 2
Nowhere Men 3
Nowhere Men 2.2 (Second Print)
Spawn 227

Avengers (5) 4
Avengers (5) 2.2 (Second Print)
Avengers Vs. X-Men:TPB: Consequences
Avengers: Ultimate Comics: Ultimates:THC: Divided We Fall United We Stand
Daredevil (3) 21.2 (Second Print)
Dark Avengers 186
Dark Avengers:TPB: Justice Like Lightning
Fantastic Four:TPB: Reunited They Stand
Hawkeye 7
Hawkeye 5.2 (Second Print)
Iron Man (5) 1.2 (Second Print)
Iron Man:TPB: By Joe Quesada
Punisher: Nightmare 5
Punisher: War Zone 4
Silver Surfer: By Stan Lee and Moebius 1
Spider-Man: Avenging Spider-Man 15.1.2 (Second Print)
Spider-Man: Superior 2
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 699.1.2 (Second Print)
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 698.3 (Third Print)
Thor (3): Journey Into Mystery 648
Thor: God of Thunder 3.2 (Second Print)
Thunderbolts (2) 1.2 (Second Print)
Thunderbolts (2) 2.2 (Second Print)
X-Men: All New 3.2 (Second Print)
X-Men: All New 4.2 (Second Print)
X-Men: Deadpool (5) 3.2 (Second Print)
X-Men: Legacy (3) 5
X-Men: X-Treme 9
X-Men:TPB: Blank Generation
X-Men:TPB: Mutant Massacre (New Print)

7 Miles A Second:HGN:
Adventure Time 12
Angora Napkin:HGN: 2
Calvin and Hobbes:THC: The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (New Print)
Cape: 1969:THC:
Cavewoman: Gangster (Budd Root Special Edition) 3
Courtney Crumrin (Ongoing) 9
Crossed: Badlands 22
Crypt of Horror 16
Damsels 5
Dark Shadows 13
Daybreak:GN: 0
Dear Beloved Stranger:GN:
Deathmatch 2
Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time 1
Executive Assistant: Iris (3) 2
Extermination:TPB: 1
Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist 9
Freddie Stories:HGN:
Fubar: Winter Special One Shot
Gold Digger 146
Green Hornet: Kevin Smith 33
Grimm Fairy Tales: Sleepy Hollow 4
Mars Attacks: Zombies vs. Robots (One Shot)
Pantha 6
Rachel Rising 14
Robert Jordan: Wheel of Time-Eye of the World 32
Robert Jordan: Wheel of Time:THC: Eye of the World: 3
Roger Langridge's: Snarked:TPB: 3
Shadow 9
Sixth Gun 28
Street Fighter:GN: Super Street Fighter 1
Tales Designed to Thrizzle:THC: 2
Transformers:THC: Complete Drift
Treasury Victorian Murder:HGN: Compendium 1
X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan:THC: 5

Archie:TPB: The Married Life 3
Archie's Double Digest 237
Futurama Comics 65
Richie Rich: Gems 48
Simpsons Illustrated 5

Bloody Monday:GN: 9
Limit:GN: 3
Wallflower:GN: 29

Frank R. Paul:HC: Dean of Sci Fi Illustration
Nick Carter:PB: Double Novel 1
Shadow:PB: Double Novel 69
Zelda:HC: Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

Hobby Japan:Mag: Jan 2013 1010
Marvel Previews 114
Previews 293: February 2013 1686

Housewives at Play:GN: Hanky Spanky
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose 78

Walking Dead:TS: Flag (Medium - XLarge)

DC Comics:STA: Green Lantern ArtFX
DC Comics:STA: Superman ArtFX
Star Wars:STA: Darth Vader Episode VI ArtFX
X-Force:STA: Wolverine Fine Art

Batman:AF: Unlimited: New 52 Batgirl 6in
Batman:AF: Unlimited: Penguin 6in
DC:AF: Unlimited: New 52 Flash 6in
DC:AF: Unlimited: New 52 Hawkman 6in
DC:AF: Unlimited: New 52 Superman 6in
Marvel Minimates:AF: Series 48 Assortment
Marvel Select:AF: Rhino Case
Star Wars:Bank: Clone Wars Anakin Bust Bank

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