Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Weekly Checklist: New Comics and More for May 1, 2013

Ahoy! Here are the NEW comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to the brand new JHU Comic Books in New York City Wednesday, May 1, 2013.

More Items of the Week! Here are some more cool comics we think you should get:
Age Of Ultron 7
Batman: Detective Comics 20
Bedlam TPB 1
Feynman TPB
Hawkeye 10
Movement 1
Ten Grand 1
Spider-Man: Superior 9
Superman: Earth One SC 1
X-Factor 255
X-Men: All New 11

Starting Wednesday, May 1 through Tuesday, May 7 get 20% off ALL Comics and Graphic Novels!

To see our checklist of all the Free Comic Book Day books coming to JHU Comic Books Saturday, May 4, click here.

The FULL Checklist can be seen after the jump, or click "Read more..." below! Click here to see the visual checklist for May 1!

One Dollar ComicsArcher + Armstrong 1 for $
Bloodshot 1 for $
Harbinger 1 for $1
Shadowman 1 for $1
Valiant: One Dollar Debut Bundle Wave 1
X-O Manowar 1 for $1
Image Firsts: Bedlam 1
Image Firsts: Great Pacific 1
Image Firsts: Mind the Gap 1
Image Firsts: Morning Glories 1
Image Firsts: Peter Panzerfaust 1
Image Firsts: Super Dinosaur 1

Kid Approved
Archie 643
Archie: Sonic the Hedgehog (2) 248
Archie's Double Digest 239
Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes Adventures:TPB: 3
G-Man:TPB: 3-Coming Home
Garfield 13
Little Prince:GN: 7-Planet of Overhearers
Little Prince:GN: 8-Planet Of Tortoise Driver
Little Prince:GN: By Joann Sfar
Scooby Doo (8): Where Are You? 33
Sesame Street: Imagination 1

Dark Horse Comics
47 Ronin 4
Abe Sapien: Dark & Terrible 2
Korak Son Of Tarzan:THC: Archives 1
Mister X: Eviction 1
Star Wars: Dark Times: Fire Carrier 4
Victories (2) 1

DC Comics
Ame Comi Girls (Ongoing) 3
Animal Man (2) 20
Aquaman (7) 19
Batman: Batwing 20
Batman: Detective Comics (2) 20
Batman: Detective Comics (2) (Combo Pack) 20
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 8
Dial H 12
Earth Two 12
Fables: Fairest 15
Get Jiro:TPB:
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:THC: 2
Green Arrow (4) 20
Jack Kirby: Omnibus:THC: 1-Starring Green Arrow
Movement 1
Phantom Stranger (2) 8
Stormwatch (5) 20
Superman: Action Comics (2) 20
Superman: Action Comics (2) (Combo Pack) 20
Superman: Action Comics (2):THC: 2-Bulletproof
Superman: Action Comics (2):TPB: 1-Superman Men of Steel
Superman:GN: Earth One 1
Swamp Thing (5) 20
World Of Warcraft:THC: Dark Riders 0
Worlds Finest (3) 12

Image Comics
68: Jungle Jim 2
Activity 12
Artifacts 27
Bedlam:TPB: 1
Blackacre 6
Blackacre:TPB: 1
Epic Kill 10
Graveyard Of Empires:TPB:
Great Pacific:TPB: 1-Trashed
Invincible: Universe 2
Mice Templar IV: Legend 2
Savage Dragon 187
Sex 1.3
Snapshot 4
Son Of Merlin 4
Spawn 231
Super Dinosaur 19
Ten Grand 1

Marvel Comics
Age Of Ultron 2.2
Age Of Ultron 7
Avengers: New Avengers (3) 4.2
Cable And X-force:TPB: 1-Wanted Now
Hawkeye 10
Hawkeye 8.2
Hulk: Indestructible 7
Hulk: Red She-Hulk 65
Iron Man 258
Iron Man (5) 9
Iron Man: Coming Of Melter
Iron Man: War Machine:TPB: Hands Of Mandarin
Nova (5) 2.2
Spider-Man: Superior 6.2
Spider-Man: Superior 9
Thanos Rising 2
Winter Soldier 18
Wolverine: Best There Is:TPB: Complete
X-Factor (3) 255
X-Men: All New 11
X-Men: All New 9.2
X-Men: Legacy (3) 10
X-Men: Ultimate Comics 26

Other Comics
3 New Stories by Dash Shaw (One Shot)
Army of Darkness (2) 13
Army Of Darkness:TPB: Omnibus 3
Army Of Frogs:HGN: 1
Bionic Man 19
Black Bat 1
Charismagic (2) 1
Colonized 2
Cyborg 009: Chapter 000 (One Shot)
Dan The Unharmable 12
Don Quixote:GN: Complete
Donald Duck:THC: 1-Castles Secret 1
Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter 2
Dungeons + Dragons: Drizzt:TPB: 1-Neverwinter
Fashion Beast 9
FUBAR:TPB: 3-American History Z
Game of Thrones 14
Ghostbusters 1.2
Good Riddance:GN: Graphic Memoir Of Divorce
Grimm Fairy Tales: Jungle Book: Last of the Species (Cover A) 3
Harbinger Wars 2
Hypernaturals 11
Jack Davis:THC: EC Stories Artist Edition 0
Joe Palooka 6
Judge Dredd (4) 1.2
Legends Of The Blues:HGN:
Lone Ranger:TPB: Snake Of Iron
Magic The Gathering:TPB: 3-Path Of Vengeance
Mars Attacks 10
Miss Fury 2
Planet Of the Apes Cataclysm 9
Plume 4
Polarity 1.2
Polarity 2
Raven Girl:GN:
Red Sonja: Unchained 2
Satanika Anniversary Special
Shadowman 0
Sherlock Holmes: Liverpool Demon 4
Simpsons Illustrated 6
Slaine:GN: Grail War
Spider 11
Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness 1.3
Suicide Risk 1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (5) Ongoing 18.2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (5) Ongoing 19.2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (5):TPB: 5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Color Classics 10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret Foot Clan 3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret Foot Clan 2.2
Transformers: Regeneration One 2
Transformers: Spotlight Hoist 1
Transformers: Spotlight Megatron One Shot 1.2
Vampirella: Strikes 5
Westward:TPB: 1
What Lies Beneath:HGN:
Will And Whit:GN:

Fairy Tail:GN: 25
Negima:GN: 38

Cool Books
Gary Baseman:HC: Door Is Always Open
Iron Man 3:HC: Art Of the Movie (Slipcase)
Mark Ryden:HC: Pinxit
Michael Kaluta:SC: Sketchbook Series 4
Shadow:PB: Double Novel 72
Superman:Cards: The Legend Trading Cards

Back Issue:Mag: 64
Comics Revue:Mag: Presents April 2013 22
Doctor Who:Mag: 459
Heavy Metal:Mag: 262
Juxtapoz:Mag: May 2013 148
Mad Magazine 521
Rue Morgue Magazine 131
Scream Magazine 17
SFX:Mag: 234
Star Wars:Mag: Insider 141

Other Cool Stuff
Archie:Toon Tumbler: Betty Cooper Clear Pint Glass
Gary Baseman: Playing Cards 0
Josie:Toon Tumbler: Josie And The Pussycats Clear Pint Glass

Classic Marvel Collector Mag: 196-Firelord 196
DC:AF: Batman Automobilia Coll Mag: Detective #400 5
Superman:STA: Man Of Steel Faora 1:6 Scale Iconic
SuprM:STA: Man Of Steel Superman 1:6 Scale Iconic

Game Of Thrones:AF: Series 2 Cersei Lannister Pop Vinyl Figure
Game of Thrones:AF: Series 2: Arya Stark Pop Vinyl Figure
Game Of Thrones:AF: Series 2: Jaime Lannister Pop Vinyl Figure
Game Of Thrones:AF: Series 2: Jon Snow Pop Vinyl Figure
Game Of Thrones:AF: Series 2: Renly Pop Vinyl Figure
Game Of Thrones:AF: Series 2: Robb Stark Pop Vinyl Figure
Iron Man 3:AF: Pop Iron Man Top Secret Suit Vinyl Figure
Iron Man 3:AF: Pop Iron Man Vinyl Figure
Iron Man 3:AF: Pop Iron Patriot Vinyl Figure
Iron Man 3:AF: Pop War Machine Vinyl Figure
Marvel Select:AF: Nightcrawler Case
Marvel Universe:AF: Super Hero Team Asst 201301

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