Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Weekly Checklist: New Comics and More for July 3, 2013

Here are the NEW comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to JHU Comic Books in New York City Wednesday, July 3, 2013.

Items of the Week! Here are some cool comics we think you should get:
Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake 6
New Avengers HC 1: Everything Dies Now
AvX: What If 1
Axe Cop Volume 4: President World
Batman: Incorporated 12
Dexter 1
Green Lantern 22
Grendel Omnibus 3: Orions Reign
Jason: Lost Cat
John Stanley Library 4: Nancy
Marvel Now Omnibus
OZ: Emerald City Of Oz 1
Satellite Sam 1
Superior Foes Of Spider-Man 1
Ten Grand 3
Trinity Of Sin: Pandora 1
Wolverine Omnibus By Mark Millar
X-Men: Deadpool Kills Deadpool 1

Late Arrivals, Now In Stock!
Young Avengers 6
Captain America 8
Journey Into Mystery 653
Morning Glories 28
Simpsons: Malevolent Mr. Burns 1
Star Wars Legacy 4
Superman Adventures 4

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The FULL Checklist can be seen after the jump, or click "Read more..." below! Click here to see the visual checklist for July 3!

Kid Approved
Adventure Time: Fionna + Cake 6
Archie 645
Archie's Double Digest 241
Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes 16
Garfield 15
Sonic the Hedgehog (2) 250

Dark Horse Comics
47 Ronin 5
Abe Sapien: (New Race Part 1) 7
Axe Cop:TPB: 4-President World
Billy the Kid:TPB: Old Timey Oddities: 3-Ghastly Fiend of London
Catalyst Comix 1
Conan:TPB: Chronicles: 24-Blood Dawn & Other Stories
Emily + the Strangers 3
Grendel:TPB: Omnibus: 3-Orions Reign
Mister X: Eviction 3
Victories (2) 3

DC Comics
Ame Comi Girls (Ongoing) 5
Batman: Detective Comics (2) 22
Batman: Detective Comics (2) Combo Pack 22
Batman: Incorporated (2) 12
Batman: Incorporated (2) Combo Pack 12
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 10
Batwing 22
Dial H 14
Earth Two 14
Fables: Fairest 17
Green Arrow (4) 22
Green Lantern (5) 22
Green Lantern (5) Combo Pack 22
Green Lantern Corps (3):THC: 2-Alpha War
Green Lantern Corps (3):TPB: 1-Fearsome
Movement 3
Phantom Stranger (2) 10 (Trinity of Sin Tie In)
Scooby Doo (8): Where Are You? 35
Stormwatch (5) 22
Superman: Action Comics (2) 22
Superman: Action Comics (2) Combo Pack 22
Swamp Thing (5) 22
Team 7:TPB: 1-Fight Fire With Fire
Trinity Of Sin: Pandora 1

Image Comics
Age Of Bronze 33
Blackacre 8
East Of West 2.2
Five Weapons 5
Invincible: Universe 4
Masks & Mobsters:HGN: 1
Mice Templar IV: Legend 4
Satellite Sam 1
Skullkickers: Dark Skullkickers 1
Spawn 233
Ten Grand 3
Thief Of Thieves 15

Marvel Comics
Avengers (5) 15
Avengers: AI 1
Avengers: New Avengers (3):THC: 1-Everything Dies Now
AvX: What If 1
Daredevil: Dark Nights 2
Daredevil:THC: End of Days
Dark Avengers:TPB: Masters of Evil
Dexter 1
Guardians Of the Galaxy: Tomorrows Avengers 1
Hulk: Red She Hulk 67
Iron Man (5) 12
Marvel Now:HGN: Omnibus
OZ: Emerald City Of Oz 1
Spider-Man: Superior Foes Of Spider-Man 1
Thunderbolts (2) 12
Venom (3) 37
Venom:TPB: Enemy Within
Wolverine:THC: Omnibus By Mark Millar
X-Factor:TPB: 20-Hell On Earth War
X-Men: Deadpool Kills Deadpool 1
X-Men: Legacy (3) 13
X-Men: Uncanny X-Men (3):THC: 1-Revolution

Other Comics
Absolution: Rubicon 1
Aliens Vs Parker 3
Artemis Fowl:GN: 3-Eternity Code
Artemis Fowl:HGN: 3-Eternity Code
Bionic Woman 10
Cartoon Introduction To Statistics:GN:
Charismagic (2) 3
Classics Illus:THC: 17-Secret Agent
Clive Barker: New Genesis 2
Crow:GN: Midnight Legends: 4-Waking Nightmares
Deathmatch 7
Doctor Who (3):TPB: 2-Eye Of Ashaya
Fathom: Elite Saga 3
GI Joe: Special Missions 4
Graphic Canon:TPB: 3-Heart Of Darkness To Infinite Jest
Green Hornet: Mark Waid 3
Grimm Fairy Tales: Oz 1
Grimm Fairy Tales: Werewolves Hunger 2
High Ways:TPB:
Jason:HGN: Lost Cat
Jennifer Blood: First Blood 6
John Stanley Library:THC: 4-Nancy
Legacy Of the Crusaders:TPB:
Legend Of the Shadowclan 5
Mercy Sparx 1
Night Of the Living Dead Aftermath 9
Night Of the Living Dead Aftermath:TPB: 1
Owl 1
OZ: Steam Engines Of OZ 1
Persia Blues:GN: 1
Polarity 4
Red Sonja (6) 78
Screwed 2
Secret History Of DB Cooper:THC:
Shadow 15
Shadowman 8
Star Trek: Ongoing:TPB: 5
Suicide Risk 3
Transformers: Monstrosity 2
Transformers: Robots In Disguise 19
Uber 3
Uglydolls:GN: Going Places
Wasteland:TPB: 8-Lost In the Ozone
Zombies Vs Cheerleaders 2

Bleach:GN: 57
Fairy Tail:GN: 27
Gunslinger Girl:GN: Omnibus 7
Mobile Suit Gundam Origin:GN: 2
Negima:GN: Omnibus 7
Pokemon:GN: Adventures 17
Pokemon:GN: Adventures Black & White 1
Psyren:GN: 11
Skip Beat:GN: 5

Cool Books
Silver Age Of DC Comics:HC: (1956 - 1970)
Star Reach Companion:SC:
Storyboarding Essentials:SC: How to Translate Story to the Screen

Cinefex:Mag: 134
Comic Shop News 1359
Geek Magazine 7
Monster Bash:Mag: 19
Scary Monsters Magazine 88
Screem:Mag 26

More Cool Stuff!
Spider-Man:T-Shirt: Dead Logo (Small) S-XXL
Hansel & Gretel:DVD: Witch Hunters
Walking Dead:Bank: Zombie Bust Bank

DC:AF: New 52 2-Pack: Flash Vs Vibe
DC:AF: New 52: Maritan Manhunter
Marvel Select Im3 War Machine:AF 0
Walking Dead:AF: Pop Glenn Glenn Vinyl Figure Series 2

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