Sunday, October 6, 2013

Murderville #1 by Carol Lay

Carol Lay (of Wimmen's Comix, Simpsons Comics, and Good Girls) has produced a new title through Kickstarter with ridiculous success.  Murderville #1 takes us to the island town of Muderville, a sleepy hamlet with a secret.  Muderville is where the criminally discreet come to get away from it all.  Run by the Scazzo family, almost anything goes.  Want to sell illegal weapons?  There's prime real estate for your storefront!  Murdered your competition?  That's what garbage bags are for!  Want to off the mayor and take control over the town?  Well, that might prove a little tricky.  Carol's storytelling is only matched by the clean lines of her artwork.  A true cartoonist, Carol pens a Sopranos-like tale where you can practically hear the Joisey accent of the mayor.  

Pick up a copy.  You won't be disappointed.