Saturday, April 12, 2014

4/30/2014 - The Vertigo Quarterly Launch and JHU's 1st Birthday Party

What do you get when AMY CHU (Girls Night Out, The VIP Room), James Tynion IV (Batman: Eternal, Talon), Larry Hama (GI Joe, Wolverine), Robert Rodi (Thor: Deviants Saga, Loki), Tom Chu (Deadpool, Gambit) and Alitha Martinez (Batgirl, WWE Superstars) are all under the same roof, to celebrate the launches of both Vertigo Quarterly and Girls Night Out: The Way Love Goes?

PURE INSANITY, MAYHEM AND ABSOLUTE FUN! Oh, and probably some cake, as it is also the first birthday of JHU Comic Books!

What better way to celebrate than to have some incredible talent launching a new Vertigo title, an indie book and have them sign for your pleasure?!

So come out, get some great comics, meet some amazing talent, both veteran and new, and don't be one of those people that has to say "Man, I wish I was there!"

Purchase of Vertigo Quarterly: CYAN #1 required to participate in signing/event.