Wednesday, September 16, 2015

JHU NYC: David Michelinie Signing The Bozz Chronicles!

Wednesday, September 16 6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • JHU Comic Books
    32 E 32nd St, New York, New York 10016
  • JHU Comic Books is proud to present a special signing event with David Michelinie, to celebrate the release of The Bozz Chronicles in an all-new graphic novel collection!

    Michelinie has written more than 600 comic book stories (IRON MAN, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, AVENGERS. etc.) in which he created or co-created several characters. Venom, James “Rhodey” Rhodes (War Machine), Scott Lang (Ant-Man II) are just some of the characters that he birthed that have been featured in major motion pictures and loved by fans the world over!

    His comic book efforts have spanned genres from westerns to war to horror to super hero. In addition to comics work, David has published two novels, has had short stories published in anthologies (WEREWOLVES: DARK MOON RISING) and periodicals (Spider-Man Magazine), and has written scripts for the Nicktoons animated series, “Iron Man Armored Adventures.” 

    His comic book biography of Mother Teresa won the Catholic Book Award for Best Children’s Book, and his work on the acclaimed Iron ManDemon In A Bottle” saga was awarded a Certificate Of Merit from a prestigious anti-alcoholism foundation. He’s still waiting to win an Oscar.

    With The Bozz Chronicles, we see one of Michelinie's original works, with Bret Blevins, getting the 5 star treatment with a beautiful collection that includes tons of added bells and whistles to give you the biggest possible bang for your $19.95!

    So, come, and take part in something awesome! Meet David Michelinie, get your books signed and enjoy a great book that hasn't been in fan's hands for years!

  • BIG NEWS! There will be several amazing giveaways at the David Michelinie signing at JHU Comic Books! Anyone who purchases a copy of the new BOZZ CHRONICLES will be given a number. At the end of the signing, we will pull the numbers randomly. If your number is called, David Michelinie will sign the below item that you have won. 
  • Prizes include:

  • HOUSE OF SECRETS #116 (Contains first story David ever sold!)

  • MARVEL PREMIERE #47 (The first appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man)

  • IRON MAN #128 (The infamous alcoholism issue)

  • VENOM: LETHAL PROTECTOR #1-6 (first time Venom got his own book!)

  • A vintage BOZZ CHRONICLES poster, produced by Marvel's Epic imprint to promote the original book back in 1985!

  • AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #300 (First appearance of Venom, valued at several hundred dollars!)

  • MORE BIG NEWS! We have just learned that The Bozz Chronicles artist Bret Blevins (you may know him from his work on New Mutants!) will be donating an original piece of Bozz Chronicles artwork to the raffle taking place on the night of the David Michelinie signing at JHU Comics! Just one more reason NOT go miss this incredible event!

  • Spread the word! You don't want your friends to miss this!

  • ***Purchase of The Bozz Chronicles Trade Paperback required to participate in signing event. PLEASE purchase the book at JHU Comic Books before getting in line for the signing, and hold on to your receipt as we will be checking it at the signing table.

    (W) David Michelinie (A/CA) Bret Blevins

    Writer David Michelinie (Iron Man, Amazing Spider-Man) and Bret Blevins (The New Mutants) deliver the first trade paperback collection of their six-part comic cult favorite, in which a suicidal alien and a plucky prostitute form a detective agency that accepts cases rejected by Scotland Yard. A Victorian setting evokes the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, spiced up with supernatural sleuthing in the manner of Doctor Who and The X-Files, with a touch of steampunk style. This collection includes a new foreword and bonus pin-up by Brandon Graham.