Monday, June 12, 2017

The Weekly Checklist: New Comics and More for June 14, 2017

Specials 6/14 - 6/20

Batman: Dark Knight III: Master Race #9
SRP: $5.99 JHU Price: $5.40

Amazing Spider-Man #28
SRP: $3.99 JHU Price: $3.60

Star Wars: Darth Vader #1
SRP: $4.99 JHU Price: $4.50

X-Men: Gold #5
SRP: $3.99 JHU Price: $3.60 

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Adventures of Superhero Girl:THC: Expanded Edition
American Gods: Shadows 4
Briggs Land: Lone Wolves 1
Dragon Age: Knight Errant 2
EC Archives:THC: Crime Suspenstories 3
Harrow County 24
Monstermen:TPB: + Scary Stories by Gary Gianni
Plants vs. Zombies:THC: Battle Extravagonzo
Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens 4
Shadows on the Grave 5

Batgirl And the Birds of Prey 11
Batman: Detective Comics 958
Batman: Detective Comics (2):TPB: 9-Gordon At War
Batman: Gotham Academy (2) 10
Batman: Nightwing (4):TPB: 2-Back to Bludhaven (RB)
Batwoman:TPB: By Greg Rucka & JH Williams III
Bug: Adventures of Forager 2
Dark Days: The Forge 1
Flash (6) 24
Green Lantern: Hal Jordan And the Green Lantern Corps 22
Hawkman:TPB: By Geoff Johns 1
Justice League of America (7) 8
Legion of Super Heroes/Bugs Bunny Special 1
MAD About Trump:GN:
Martian Manhunter/Marvin the Martian Special 1
Mother Panic:TPB: 1-Work In Progress 1
Red Hood And the Outlaws (2) 11
Scooby Apocalypse 14
Scooby Doo (8): Where Are You? 82
Suicide Squad (4) 19
Supergirl (7) 10
Superman: Action Comics 981
Superman: New Super Man 12
Superwoman 11
Teen Titans (11):TPB: 1-Damian Knows Best (RB)
Teen Titans:THC: Bronze Age Omnibus
Titans (3) 12
Wonder Woman (5) 24

Birthright 25
Bitch Planet: Triple Feature 1
Black Cloud 3
Copperhead 14
Green Valley 9
Kill the Minotaur 1
Manifest Destiny 29
Motor Crush:TPB: 1
Pop Gun War:TPB: 2-Chain Letter
Regression 2
Rockstars:TPB: 1-Nativity In Blacklight
Rose 3
Savage Dragon:TPB: Warfare
She Wolf:TPB: 2
Sons of the Devil 13
Winnebago Graveyard 1

Avengers: Uncanny Avengers (3) 24
Black Panther Crew 3
Black Panther: World of Wakanda:TPB: 1-Dawn of Midnight A
Captain America: Sam Wilson 23
Defenders (5) 1
Hulk (4) 7
Kingpin 5
Marvel Masterworks:THC: Amazing Spider-Man 19
Marvel Universe: Avengers: Ultron Revolution 11
Ms Marvel (3):THC: 3
Ms Marvel (4) 19
Secret Empire 4
Secret Empire: United 1
Secret Warriors 3
Spider-Man: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Vows:TPB: 1-Brawl In Family
Spider-Man: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows 8
Spider-Man: Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider 3
Spider-Man: Venom 151
Spider-Man: Venom (3):TPB: 1-Homecoming
Spider-Man:HC: Forever Young Prose Novel
Spider-Man:TPB: Brand New Day Complete Collection 3
Squirrel Girl: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2) 21
Star Wars (4) 32
Thanos 8
Vision: Directors Cut 1
Wolverine: All New Wolverine 21
X-Men: Blue 5
X-Men: Deadpool (6) 32
X-Men: Generation X 3
X-Men: Gwenpool 17
X-Men: Old Man Logan 25
X-Men: Weapon X 4
Zombies Assemble 3

24: Legacy Rules of Engagement 2
Anderson Dead End (One Shot)
Back to the Future 20
Black Hood (2) (Cover A) 5
Brutal Nature: Concrete Fury 4
Catalyst Prime: Accell 1
Cinema Purgatorio 10
Darkness Visible 5
Dirk Gently: Salmon of Doubt 8
Doctor Who Magazine 512
Doctor Who: 11th Doctor (3) 6
Doctor Who:Mag: Adventures 23
Dresden Files: Dog Men 1
Dungeons + Dragons: Frost Giants Fury 3
Fathom: All New Fathom 5
Freeway Fighter 2
Garbage Night:GN:
Giant Days:TPB: 5
Godshaper 3
Gold Digger 243
Grass Kings 4
Heathen 1.2 (Second Print)
Helena Crash 4
Invader Zim 20
Jack Kirby:HC: Forever People Artist Edition
Jimmys Bastards 1
John Carter: The End 5
Judge Anderson:PB: Year One Novel
Kim Reaper 3
Locke + Key:THC: Master Edition 2
Metallica: Rock + Roll Biographies 9
Mindbender 2
Misfit City 2
Mother Russia 1
Normandy Gold 1
Pitiful Human Lizard 13
Planet o/t Apes/Green Lantern 5
Quantum Teens Are Go 4
Red Rising 2
Revolutionaries 5
Ripple:HGN: Predilection for Tina
Rube Goldberg:HC: Foolish Questions + Odd Observations
Sixth Gun:TPB: 1 Square One Edition
Slaine:THC: Brutania Chronicles Psychopomp
Slasher 2
Solar Flare 3
Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original 11
Sovereigns 2
Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality 2
Spider-Man:HC: Amazing Book of Marvel Spider-Man
Spider-Man:HC: Inside the World Friendly Neighborhood Hero Updated
Spookhouse 5
Strange Attractors:TPB:
Summer Magic:GN: Complete Journal of Luke Kirby
Tekken 2
The Damned 2
Theres Nothing There 2
Thorgal:GN: 18-Kingdom Beneath Sand
Tomboy 11
Trespasser 1
Uncomfortably Happily:GN:
Vague Tales:HGN:
Valerian:THC: Complete Collection 1
World Reader 3 

Divinity III:TPB: Heroes of the Glorious Stalinverse
Rai: Chronicle 1

Archie: Betty + Veronica (2) 3
Cars 3:GN: Movie
Donald Duck 21
Gravity Falls Cinestory 2-Shorts
Hero Cats 17
Jem + the Holograms 26
Marvel Superheroes:Mag: 28
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:TPB: 12
Nate Powell:TPB: Omnibox
Popeye: Classic (Ongoing) 59
Smurfs:GN: 23-Cant Smurf Progress
Smurfs:GN: My First Smurfs 1
Smurfs:HGN: 23-Cant Smurf Progress
Spider-Man: Ultimate Spider-Man Magazine 16
SpongeBob Comics 69
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (5) Ongoing 70
Transformers: Optimus Prime 8
Transformers: Salvation 1

Batman:TS: Cutie (Small - XXLarge)

Batman:STA: Black + White Nightwing By Jim Lee
Marvel Fact Files Special 22-Iron Fist
Walking Dead:AF: Mag Special 1 Rick Grimes

Batman 66:AF: Pop Batgirl Vinyl Figure
Batman 66:AF: Pop King Tut Vinyl Figure
Despicable Me 3:AF: Pop Tourist Dave Vinyl Figure
Gravity Falls:AF: Pop Bill Cipher Vinyl Figure
Gravity Falls:AF: Pop Dipper Pines Vinyl Figure
Gravity Falls:AF: Pop Mabel Pines Vinyl Figure
Power Rangers:Keyring: Laser Cut Figural Keyring
Rick + Morty:AF: Pop Morty Vinyl Figure
Rick + Morty:AF: Pop Rick Vinyl Figure
Rugrats:AF: Pop Chuckie Finster Vinyl Figure
X-Men:Keyring: Laser Cut Figural Keyring